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Mike Wilcock, 58, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, had suffered third-degree burnsAs a health-and-safety inspector, Mike Wilcock has a keen eye hard sex for detail and an appreciation for proper procedure. But he had no reason to suspect anything untoward when he arrived at hospital for routine keyhole surgery two years ago.I wasnt unduly nervous – Id been told it was just a escort woman minor procedure, says Mike, 58.However, when he came round from the op – to remove a benign cyst from his kidney – at Maidstone Hospital, Mike quickly realised something had gone very wrong during the two hours he was unconscious.I immediately noticed a burning pain in my backside. As the anaesthetic wore off the pain got worse. I reached under my hospital gown and could feel blistering and flesh came away in my hand. It felt like my bottom was on fire.Mike, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, had suffered third-degree burns on his right hip and buttock, caused when a mattress designed to keep patients warm during surgery had overheated. Such devices are commonly used to maintain patients core body temperature during surgery. A general anaesthetic reduces the bodys ability to control its temperature – and if the patient gets too cold, it could affect bloods ability to clot, increasing the risk of bleeding. The quipment used in Mikes surgery works in a similar way to an electric blanket.But what appears to have happened in Mikes case is that a heat sensor which should have monitored his temperature during the operation was placed on a cold saline bag rather than his body.Because it registered such a low temperature, the mattress kept heating to the point where it could cook flesh, he explains.
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The next 24 hours were a terrifying blur. That period is very tough for me to think about.The staff first noticed the injury when I complained of pain in the recovery room. Then all hell seemed to break loose with people rushing to look at my backside.But all I remember is being given is a bit of ice for the burn and some painkillers. Nothing made much difference to the terrible pain.It was only the next day that I was visited by a burns nurse. 
A mattress designed to keep patients warm during surgery had overheatedThe following day he was admitted to a specialist burns hospital, where doctors said that the burnt area – around 8in by 6in (20cm by 15cm) – was of full thickness, meaning all three layers of skin were damaged. Mike was there for a week, undergoing procedures to remove dead tissue and have an emergency skin graft. But during the skin graft he suffered a heart attack, thought to be down to a combination of three anaesthetics in quick succession, as well as the trauma hed endured.After Mikes injury, in September 2012, the incident was investigated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – where, by coincidence, Mike is head of operations for the South East.  All I remember is being given is a bit of ice for the burn and some painkillers. Nothing made much difference to the terrible pain The HSE found the staff did not have sufficient training or information to ensure the mattress had been used correctly.Last month, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust pleaded guilty to a breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act – it is yet to be fined.During the court case it emerged that two other patients had received minor burns in similar circumstances, months before Mikes ordeal. If the trust had learnt from these, they could have prevented what happened to me, says Mike, who has launched his own legal action against the trust.Mistakes in the use of medical devices – which cover a broad spectrum, from high-tech scanners to sticking plasters – cause much needless pain. Latest figures show that in 2013 there were 448 incidents relating to poor use of medical devices reported to the Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.
He underwent procedures to remove dead tissue and had to have an emergency skin graftMikes was an extreme case although not a one-off, with seven severe burns from warming devices reported since January 2012. Other injuries caused by high-tech equipment include minor burns in MRI scanners. Staff are meant to ensure patients are not wearing any metal but in these cases, they were wearing nicotine patches, which can contain traces of aluminium.And a patient was injured by an ultrasound probe after staff sterilised it too many times – after a certain number of cleans, the device should have been replaced.A major problem is training, says Peter Walsh, chief executive of the charity Action Against Medical Accidents. Technology is constantly advancing and has a valuable and usually positive role to play. But it does mean more risks are introduced, so the system has to be able to deal with that risk. The problems can be avoided with proper training.In Mikes case, the court heard that staff had failed to read the manual that came with the device, which was introduced to the trust in 2011.Mr Walsh says another issue is that there is inconsistency across the NHS when it comes to makes and models of medical devices used. It makes it harder for staff to be familiar with how exactly how each device works, he says.Two years since his injury, Mikes life has changed dramatically. After the operation, he was unable to work for five months.He is now back at work full time, but has to work two days a week from home and because sitting for long periods is uncomfortable, often has to stand in meetings.Mike, a qualified sailing instructor, also had to give up his hobby of racing dinghies because crouching in boats is too painful.The law firm representing him, Slater & Gordon, says his case is extremely worrying. If this had been a much more vulnerable patient, we could have been looking at a significantly different case, solicitor Laura Craig said.A spokeswoman for Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust has confirmed that the type of device used on Mike is no longer used by the trust following the incident, but could not comment further while the case was still active. 

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Ebola screening plans are ‘far from perfect’ and will fail to stop the deadly virus hitting Britain, Boris Johnson said escort bayan yesterday.The London Mayor joined those questioning Britain’s response to the outbreak, following delays and indecision over the introduction of screening.In vip eskort the latest move, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says callers to the NHS’s non-emergency 111 helpline will be quizzed about potential escort exposure to ebola if they report common symptoms.
Trial run: Dressed bayan escort in protective clothing, medical workers from Hillingdon Hospital in Uxbridge, London, take part in national exercises to test Britains readiness for ebolaThe Government announced last week that screening would be introduced at Heathrow and Gatwick airports and the Eurostar terminal in London, but has so far failed to say when it will start.Mr Johnson admitted that it was a ‘far from perfect solution’ and said it put No 10 ‘at risk of seeming to promise stuff that doesn’t really make any sense’.He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show there had been ‘fantastic preparations’ to cope with any cases in Britain but warned he still expected to see it reach London.
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‘I have little doubt that eventually there will be a case of ebola in this country and probably in this city,’ he said, adding that it was impossible to blood test everybody coming into the country.Britain’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, said the country should expect ebola cases in the coming months. She said screening was a ‘blunt instrument’ but insisted it was ‘the right thing to do’, adding: ‘It will not be surprising if we have spillover into this country, so I would expect a handful of cases in the next few months.’
Little doubt: Mr Johnson admitted that screening was a ‘far from perfect solution’. He told the Andrew Marr Show, pictured, that he expected the disease to reach the country – and probably spread to LondonMr Hunt will make a statement to the Commons today giving greater detail about the screening, and announced that he had asked for 111 workers to refer ‘higher risk’ cases to emergency services.Callers with potential symptoms of ebola, including breathing problems, fever, diarrhoea and vomiting, will be questioned about their travel history and those at risk of exposure will be assessed by ambulance workers ‘with appropriate protective equipment’, he said.Similar questionnaires about travel history and potential exposure are expected to be introduced at Heathrow, Gatwick and the Eurostar terminal. Travellers arriving from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea – the three countries worst hit by the disease – will be quizzed, followed by health checks for those who admit they could have come into contact with the virus.Experts warn that people could lie to avoid delays and inconvenience and that anyone with ebola can go for days or even weeks without showing any symptoms. Doctors say screening is unlikely to be effective in stopping the virus from entering Britain and have accused the Government of using it as a ‘political gesture’.In the US, it has been confirmed that a nurse in Texas has tested positive for ebola – the first person known to have caught the disease in America. The woman, who has not been named, had tended to a Liberian victim at a hospital in Dallas and authorities said her diagnosis suggested there had been a breach in safety protocol.In Spain, another nurse who contracted the disease treating patients from West Africa remains in a serious condition in a Madrid hospital, although she is showing signs of ‘slight improvement’.Ebola has killed more than 4,000 in West Africa, although Dr David Nabarro, the British expert in charge of the UN’s response, said he hoped the spread of the killer virus will be ‘under control’ in three months. 
On alert: Staff at Newcastles Royal Victoria Infirmary carry out an ebola exercise with a patient on SaturdayKnowledge about the need for quarantine and isolation of sufferers was growing in the region and international help has increased, he said.Britain has begun loading a hospital ship, RFA Argus, with medicine and equipment to take to West Africa and has promised to deploy 750 soldiers to help.The ship, currently docked in Falmouth, Cornwall, will carry three Merlin helicopters that will be used to transport medics in the area.A British aid flight also landed in Sierra Leone yesterday. It was delivering beds, biohazard suits, tents and ten vehicles, plus equipment for a 92-bed unit being built by a UK team.Aid delivered so far includes ambulances, water tanks and incinerators for the disposal of contaminated material. STUDENTS WILL BE MONITORED BY UNIVERSITIES  Universities are to monitor students from ebola-hit countries amid fears they could have been exposed to the deadly virus.Some 20,000 students from the West African region worst hit by the outbreak are studying at British universities.Cleaners in student halls have reported to been warned to watch out for symptoms including signs of blood or vomit in bedrooms.Ebola is spread through contact with body fluids and any outbreak in shared halls could spread quickly with students sharing kitchens and bathrooms. Students have already begun to return but will be monitored for up to three weeks, the maximum incubation period for the virus, The Sunday Times reported.Fay Sherrington, student services manager at Lancaster University, said: ‘Most universities are making sure cleaners are briefed on the risks. They have more chance of coming into contact with body fluids because they are cleaning bathrooms in residences.’  

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A new vibrating alarm strapped to the body and a simple regular calf stretch could make sleep for long suffering escort partners of snorers much easier.Sleep experts in Adelaide have been testing out a device called the BuzzPOD which was devised by porn biomedical engineer Michael Gorman who lives in Carnegie, Melbourne after his sister complained about her husbands snoring. They found that snorers can escort bayan be partly trained not to sleep on their backs with the help of the vibrating alarm called that alerts them child porno to roll over. Scroll down for video 
The alarm is worn round the chest and if the subject turns onto their back during the night  it will vibrate telling the subject to turn back onto their side 
Biomedical engineer Michael Gorman devised the device after his sister complained about her husbands snoring, he says it really has changed some peoples lives 
The device has been tested by sleep experts in Adelaide and they found it to be a success and helping to reduce snoring Mr Gorman, 59, told Daily Mail Australia: I got the idea for the product in 2007 after a conversation with my sister.Its well known people snore less if they are sleeping on their side and this is what is it designed to do. It really has changed some peoples lives.Associate Professor Peter Catcheside has been testing out the device for the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health and is presenting findings at the Sleep DownUnder 2014 conference in Perth.
The BuzzPOD retails at $388 and 200 of the devices have been sold in Australia Previous
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Our bodies are 60 per cent fluid and about a third is outside the cells in the tissues and blood vessels. When we are sedentary fluid accumulates in our legs and calf muscle activity is the only way to move it round, thats the only way of returning the fluid to our hearts and other parts of the body. When we go to sleep it tends to redistribute and this causes the narrowing of the airway and results in snoring,  
Dr Bhajan Singh says people who sit for long periods each day get a fluid build-up that shifts to the neck overnight, triggering snoring, he tested subjects doing calf exercise against how much they snored Our bodies are 60 per cent fluid and about a third is outside the cells in the tissues and blood vessels. When we are sedentary fluid accumulates in our legs and calf muscle activity is the only way to move it round, thats the only way of returning the fluid to our hearts and other parts of the body. When we go to sleep it tends to redistribute and this causes the narrowing of the airway and results in snoring, The study I am presenting was done on healthy people and we wanted to measure how much fluid does accumulates in the legs. 
Doctors believe stretching the calves is very important and will help reduce snoring  
Snoring may also occur because throat muscles relax from use of alcohol and other depressants Our research consisted of the people sitting four four hours and then exercised the calf muscle for four hours using a step it device .We found when the subjects were sitting they had about 250ml of fluid in their legs and this halved when they did the exercise. We did also did a sleep test and we found that snoring decreased after they exercised. These Australian research breakthroughs are just two among those to be showcased at the Australasian Sleep Conference this week.  SNORING FACTS   Snoring can occur at any any stage of sleep Snoring is more common in men It seems to run in families and becomes more common as you get older About 40 per cent of adult men and 24 per cent of adult women snore Men become much less likely to snore after the age of 70 Sleeping on your back may make you more likely to snoreIt may also occur because throat muscles relax from use of alcohol or other depressantsCongestion from a cold or allergies can also cause people to snore Sleep DownUnder 2014 brings together experts in all the latest sleep discoveries looking at all aspects of sleep problems like insomnia, sleep sex and snoring through to the damaging effects of alcohol, shift work, day naps and sleeping tablets.Dr Nick Antic, President of the Australasian Sleep Association, which hosts the event: Each and every one of us sleeps daily to recharge and refresh ourselves for the new day ahead.Its a vital necessity of healthy human life and, as much of this new research suggests, how much you have, when and what happens while you do it will have a massive impact on your waking hours and quality of life. Some other research breakthroughs include using a mask to improve snoring may also boost your sex life and Adelaide study shows night shift workers can take short naps to boost their performance. The 26th annual scientific conference will open at the Perth Convention Centre opened today and is on until Saturday. The three-day schedule promises new research and clinical updates on all aspects of sleep health and sleep disorders.        
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Sharing experiences with others makes them more intense, whether they are good or bad, experts claim.And shared experiences are intensified porno even if they happen in silence, or with someone who an individual has only just met.A new study shows that porno people who share experiences with another person rate those events as more pleasant or unpleasant than those who undergo the experience on their own.
Sharing experiences with others (illustrated with a stock picture) makes them more intense, whether they are good or bad, experts claim. And shared experiences are intensified even if they happen in silence, or with someone who an individual has only just metPsychological scientist Erica Boothby, of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, said: ‘We often think that what matters in social life is being together with others, but we’ve found it also really matters what those people are doing.‘When people are paying attention to the same pleasant thing, whether the Mona Lisa, or a song on the radio, our research shows that the experience is much more pleasurable.
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‘And the reverse is true of unpleasant experiences – not sharing them makes them more pleasurable, while sharing them makes them worse.’Ms Boothby and her colleagues set out to explore the consequences of sharing experiences that unfold socially but silently.In their first study, 23 female college students went to a lab and met another participant who would be completing the study at the same time. Unknown to the students, the ‘other participant’ was actually part of the research team.
In one experiment, students tasted chocolate at the same time as another person and on their own. Although the chocolate pieces were identical, the students tended to report the ‘shared’ chocolate as being more flavoursome. The experiment suggests that sharing food (pictured) makes it tastierThe pairs were told that they would engage in several activities, including tasting chocolate and looking at a book of paintings, side-by-side on a table.The students tasted one of the chocolates at the same time as the other participant and once while the researcher was looking at the book of paintings.After the students tasted both chocolates, the experiments ended ‘early’ before they got a chance to look at the artwork, according to the journal Psychological ScienceThe chocolates were taken from the same block to ensure they could be compared fairly.
The researchers suggest that sharing an experience with someone else, even silently, such as looking at art in a gallery (pictured) makes us more attuned to what we are sensing and perceivingStudents reported liking the chocolate they had tasted at the same time as the other participant more than the chocolate they had tasted while the other participant was looking at the book.Although the chocolate pieces were identical, the students tended to report the ‘shared’ chocolate as being more flavoursome, which suggests that the mere act of sharing may influence how things are actually sensed or perceived by us.To find out whether sharing makes any experience more pleasant or unpleasant, the researchers tasked another group of students to taste a bitter ‘chocolate substitute,’ which was really a square of 90 per cent dark chocolate deemed to taste unpleasant.This time, the students said that they liked the ‘shared’ chocolate less.They also reported feeling more absorbed in the tasting experience and more in tune with the other participant when they tasted the chocolate at the same time.The researchers suggest that sharing an experience with someone else, even silently, may focus our attention, making us more attuned to what we are sensing and perceiving.Ms Boothby added: ‘When people think of shared experience, what usually comes to mind is being with close others, such as friends or family, and talking with them.‘We don’t realise the extent to which we are influenced by people around us whom we don’t know and arent even communicating with.’The researchers claim their findings may have significant implications for social life in a world that is filled with distractors.Ms Boothby explained: ‘We text friends while at a party, check our Twitter feed while out to dinner, and play Sudoku while watching TV with family – without meaning to, we are un-sharing experiences with the people around us.‘A pleasant experience that goes unshared is a missed opportunity to focus on the activity we and others are doing and give it a boost.’ …AND FRIENDS SHARE ALMOST AS MUCH DNA AS THEIR FAMILY  Friends have a remarkable number of the same genes, according to a recent study.Researchers found that pals share significantly more DNA as strangers.Geneticists discovered that unrelated friends have a 1 per cent of genes that match – about the same as fourth cousins, who share great-great-great grandparents.‘One per cent may not sound like much to the layperson, but to geneticists it is a significant number,’ said Professor Nicholas Christakis, of the Human Nature Lab at Yale University.It means that scientists are even able to make a calculated guess as to which people are likely to become friends just by testing their DNA.Such a test is more accurate than genetic tools used to predict the risk of obesity or schizophrenia.Co-author Professor James Fowler, a medical geneticist at the University of California at San Diego, said: ‘Looking across the whole genome, we find that, on average, we are genetically similar to our friends.‘We have more DNA in common with the people we pick as friends than we do with strangers in the same population.’

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After being named ‘star baker’ a record five times, Richard Burr was the hot favourite to win the Great British porno Bake Off.So the judges’ decision to hand the crown to Nancy Birtwhistle instead has left a rather sour taste in porno the mouths of his fans.Viewers took to Twitter in their droves to complain that 38-year-old Burr was ‘robbed’ after Mrs Birtwhistle was made the winner. Scroll down for video  
More viewers watched the climax of the Great British Bake Off than the World Cup final in the summer with 13.3 million fans tuning in to watch Nancy Birtwhistle  beat competition from Luis Troyano (left) and bookies favourite Richard Burr (right)A record 12.3million watched the grandmother of eight take the title on BBC1 on Wednesday night – nearly four million more than tuned in to last year’s final. Despite being aired in the middle of the week, it also beat last year’s Saturday night Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor finals. But not all of those watching were happy with what they saw.
Richard the builder blows it. The record-breaking star baker sensationally loses at the last in a…
JAN MOIR: Nancy, nothing fancy – but steady as a rock cake from day one
While builder Mr Burr was gracious in defeat – offering his congratulations to Mrs Birtwhistle, 60, and describing her as a ‘brilliant baker and great friend’ – his fans were not so forgiving. Writing on Twitter, James Dunny said: ‘Richard was robbed. Nancy was the best in the final but Richard is the best baker overall.’Elaine Day added: ‘GBBO got it wrong! Richard was so good all along … I like continuous assessment!’Matt Davies said: ‘Richard robbed on #GBBO. What’s the point of being the best almost every week and that being discounted.’ And Luke Proudfoot wrote: ‘Nancy didn’t deserve to win at all. Richard has performed much better over the entire series.’ Michelle Hall added to the complaints, saying: ‘Rubbish! Can’t be good just one week then win. Richard was robbed!’
 While 12.1 million people tuned into BBC One to see Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in Brazil in July, more than one million more viewers watched the same channel on Wednesday night to see Nancy trounce bookies favourite, builder Richard
Fans of the builder poointed out that the grandmother had been named star baker in only one week of the series – during the first heat – whereas he took the title five times during the series
The shaven-headed family man was gracious in defeat, saying after the finale: Congratulations to Nancy. A brilliant baker, and a great friend. Hope I gave you a run for your money nance!!Many viewers who had been expecting Burr – known for his signature pencil tucked behind the ear – to be the victor after his many strong performances.Fan Martin Colme tweeted: Someone phone watchdog and report a crime, Richard was robbed on the the #GBBOfinal #MaryBerryOut #JusticeForRichard while fellow user James Dunny added: Richard was robbed. Nancy was the best in the final but Richard is the best baker overall. #GBBOfinal #GBBOBut the shaven-headed family man was gracious in defeat, saying after the finale: Congratulations to Nancy. A brilliant baker, and a great friend. Hope I gave you a run for your money nance!!Birtwhistle said she was so caught up in the moment, she can now barely recall the actual triumph: The judges said my name, and I cant really remember what happened.Later I was asked how I was feeling in an interview, but I felt I didnt have the vocabulary, it was all a bit of a fog, she said.
Emotional moment Nancy becomes Great British Bake Off winner
Fans of the North London builder insisted he was robbed as the show reached its climaxThe climax of the 10-week BBC1 series draw an average audience of 12.3 million – one of the biggest TV audiences of the year.When the winner of last years X Factor was crowned in December, the ITV singing contest could manage an audience of 9.7 million.
Last nights show even beat the 2013 finale of Strictly Come Dancing which had an audience of 11.5 million, as well as the most recent Britains Got Talent final on 10.9 million, putting Bake Off into a new league.Birtwhistle and her fellow finalists, Burr, 37, and graphic designer Luis Troyano, 42, had to complete the toughest challenges of the series, finishing with a towering piece montee as their showstopper, with sponge, caramel, choux pastry and petit fours, completed in five hours.She leapt ahead during the technical challenge, coming first with her array of tartes au citron, Victoria sponges and scones, while Burr blew it by coming last.Birtwhistle, originally from Hull, said it was an emotional moment as the three hopefuls gathered to hear who had won after 10 weeks of competition in which they had undertaken 30 separate challenges.She said: I can remember having to stand for what seemed an eternity to hear the result. I looked at a tree in the distance and focused on that rather than looking at the judges, and felt what will be will be.We were all pretty exhausted, Luis was close to tears, and Richard looked the same. I took a big gulp, and realised that this moment was like knowing the snowman is going to melt and it will never be the same again. So it was quite a poignant time for all of us.They were joined by the eliminated contenders from throughout the series in the famous marquee pitched on the estate of Welford Park in Berkshire.Birthwhistle added: It was a fabulous day with the sun shining and all my family had come. There was a band playing and it was a lovely atmosphere, we had such a great time and everyone loved it. 
Disappintment still lingered this morning after the shock news that Ms Birtwhistle had won sunk in
Ms Birtwhistles win had caught many by surprise with Burr, 37, expected to take the honours after weeks of supremacy
He was the bookies favourite and had been named star baker five times, to just one week – during the first heat – for the eventual winnerBerry said: You never know how the bakers will be affected as we go through filming week by week, but Nancy remained constant throughout. I think it was her quiet determination that drove her through, and the fact that she never really lost her cool.It was a close run when it came to judging the final, but Nancy is deservedly our winner and I must admit that I have been inspired by her baking. The bakers have been so keen, so creative and the results have been mindblowing. Its been a real joy to judge this year.Hollywood said: Nancy has been confident, creative and unafraid as a baker and that showed from the very start. In one of my judgings I called her close to perfection, so that says it for me.
Many viewers  had been expecting Burr – known for his signature pencil tucked behind the ear – to be the victor after his many strong performances
The tearful grandmother-of-eight, dubbed gadget gran, was the unanimous winner of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, as announced by presenters Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc after weeks of brilliant bakesThis series has been one of the best for me, as we have had great bakers who have built on their baking expertise each week. They have shown both a depth of knowledge and a sense of humour, you really couldnt have asked for a better bunch.They have really pushed the boundaries of technique this year. The style, the finesse and the precision – the class of 2014 have been exceptional.The programme moved from BBC2 to BBC1 for this years fifth series and created a buzz like never before. It has pulled in around nine million viewers and has become one of the most popular shows on the channel.BBC1 controller Charlotte Moore said last night: It was absolutely right for one of the nations most talked-about programmes to move to the nations favourite channel, and Im more than thrilled BBC1 viewers have taken it to their hearts.

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Cleaning cars and performing somersaults for £2.30. It was once all in a days work for Arsenal ace Alexis Sanchez.The bayan escort 25-year-old cost the Gunners £30million when he arrived from Barcelona in the summer.But the forward, who is understood to be escort bayan pocketing a wage of £150,000-a-week, has reflected on his childhood in Chile where he couldnt even afford to buy a escort new pair of boots.
Alexis Sanchez trains with his Chile team-mates eskort in Santiago ahead of their friendly against Peru
Sanchez – seen here celebrating after scoring against Man City – has made a solid start to his Arsenal careerArsenal.com.Before I signed, people had told me about how Arsenal were a big club with lots of quality players. Now Im here I look at all the players during training and realise just what fantastic quality they all have.With a wealth of attacking talent at the Gunners, Sanchez has started life at Arsenal in a variety of forward roles but admits he feels slightly more comfortable when he is deployed on the right.I can run and cut inside on my left foot, but any position is good for me as long as Im playing football because I hate being on the bench, added Sanchez. If you take me off its like youre taking the ball off me.I want to win everything. Looking at the coaches and players we have, with a winning attitude and ambition, we can win absolutely anything.
Sanchez, attempts to evade the challenge of Branislav Ivanovic, insists the Premier League is the hardest testArsenal entertain Hull on October 18 and will be looking to get their title bid back on track following last weekends defeat by Chelsea.Manager Arsene Wenger will be hoping the former Udinese star comes through the international break unscathed, following Wednesdays news that injured Mesut Ozil faces 12 weeks on the sidelines.Sanchez has thrilled Arsenal fans with some stellar performances, collecting the clubs player of the month award for September.And with five goals to his name so far this season, its fair to say he has been flipping good…Like our Arsenal Facebook page. 
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A mothers face swelled to twice its normal size when she had an extreme allergic reaction to a hair dye.Jo escort Thomson almost lost her sight and even feared for her life as boils erupted all over her body.She said she eskort did the recommended patch test before using the Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL home dye kit in the shade ‘Cosmic Blue’. Scroll escort bayan down for video 
Jo Thomson, 39, saw her face swell to bayan escort twice the usual size after a terrible allergic reaction to hair dye 
The mother-of-three had dyed her hair using a Schwarzkopf XXL Live home dye kit in shade Cosmic BlueBut within minutes, ‘it felt like someone had poured petrol over my head, then lit a match – my scalp was red raw and it hurt to even rest against my pillow’.She took an antihistamine and went to bed, but the next morning she awoke to discover she had swollen up and developed oozing boils. 
The terrible truth about cannabis: Experts devastating 20-year study finally demolishes claims that…
Lecturer who ballooned to 21st after gorging on ready meals and four LITRES of Coke a day sheds 9st…
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Her GP told her she was having a mild allergic reaction, and sent her home with antibiotics to recover. But soon she was unable to open her eyes and her sister took her to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital in Margate.Mrs Thomson, 39, was again told the reaction would settle and was sent home to recover.  
Mrs Thomson, having dyed her hair since her late teens, said had not been worried about the risks – especially as she had performed the patch test manufacturers recommend for safety reasons 
But within minutes of applying the dye, her scalp was burning, and by the end of the night she was in agonyShe is normally a full-time carer for her husband Paul, 32, but he ended up looking after her as her condition worsened to the point where the skin on her face began to peel off and her eyes glazed over with a thick jelly-like substance.‘I was almost grateful that I couldn’t see myself,’ said Mrs Thomson, of Margate, who has three children, Tom, 20, William, nine, and Alfie, eight.‘My children were terrified and ran away from me screaming that I was ugly, like a monster.’She ‘hid’ at home for a month, before going to an optician who told her that her eyes were ‘peeling like pickled onions’. 
Within days, the skin on her face began to peel off and her eyes glazed over with a thick jelly substance
She said: My children were terrified and ran away from me screaming that I was ugly, like a monster She was rushed to hospital for an operation to save her sight, and a brain scan and lumbar puncture to drain her spine of toxins, before returning home four days later. Her skin has largely healed, but Mrs Thomson is still scarred, is now colour-blind and suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia that means she is unable to leave her house.‘It was terrifying,’ she said. ‘All I’d wanted was a new hairdo, but dying my hair almost killed me.‘It was the worst mistake of my life. I’ll stick to my natural hair colour now.’Schwarzkopf urged Mrs Thomson to get in touch with the firm, adding: ‘The safety and compatibility of our cosmetic products are a top priority in all of our activities.’
Mrs Thomson was told she was at risk of permanently losing her sight. She said: The optician told me that my eyes were peeling like pickled onions. I just wanted to die
Woman hospitalised after allergic reaction to hair dye (related)

escort what to prepare conquered

(CNN) — Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri may be ISIS worst nightmare.
The first female fighter pilot in the United Arab Emirates, escort she led a strike mission this week against the terror group, that countrys ambassador to the United States said Thursday.
She bayan escort is (a) fully qualified, highly trained, combat ready pilot, and she led the mission, Yousef Al Otaiba told MSNBCs Morning escort bayan Joe.
The UAE has joined the United States and a handful of other Arab nations in conducting airstrikes against ISIS in eskort Syria.
This summer, the group declared the establishment of a caliphate, an Islamic state stretching across the territory it has conquered. It maintains strict rules for women, who are lashed for infractions such as not being fully covered.
Al Otaiba said the campaign against ISIS basically boils down to the question of what type of society one wants.
Its important for us — moderate Arabs, moderate Muslims — to step up and say this is a threat against us. This is more of a threat against us than it is against you. This is not just a threat to our countries. This is a threat to our way of life, the ambassador told MSNBC.
CNN spoke to Al Mansouri earlier this year about her work. She had wanted to be a fighter pilot since she finished high school, but had to wait until women were allowed.
At that time, the doors were not open for females to be pilots. So I had to wait almost 10 years for the decision to be taken, Al Mansouri said.
She stressed theres no difference between men and women when it comes to defending their country.
We are in a hot area so that we have to prepare every citizen, Al Mansouri said. Of course, everybody is responsible of defending their country — male or female. When the time will come, everybody will jump in.
Complete coverage on ISIS

CNNs Becky Anderson contributed to this report.

( carowozniacki) escort bayan she martina u

Follow us at @usopen finals again after 5 years and I wish Peng a speedy recovery!— Caroline Wozniacki (@CaroWozniacki) September escort bayan 5, 2014

Peng couldnt serve out the first set and also led by a break early in the second against Wozniacki, who revealed that she had been bed ridden herself the last couple of days.
Pengs plight must have struck a chord with Williams. Appearing woozy, Williams had to retire from the doubles at Wimbledon in July.
Her tussle against Ekaterina Makarova in escort the second womens semifinal lacked any drama. Williams, seeking her first grand slam title of the campaign and 18th overall, overpowered the Russian lefty 6-1 6-3.
The lone worry for the two-time defending champion came when she was broken trying to serve out the contest.
Sundays finale figures to be close. Williams and Wozniacki met twice leading into the U.S. Open, and the current No. 1 prevailed in three tight sets on both occasions.
A victory for Williams and she would tie legends Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert in grand slam singles titles.
She obviously wants to win and go for her first grand slam and I want to win and make a little history, Williams told the crowd.
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escort when that today easily

CNNs Human to Hero series celebrates inspiration and achievement in sport. @mcg tonight. @TonyAbbottMHR and the Australian government committed $500k escort to #GOfoundation #education pic.twitter.com/QcKIiftXBm— Adam Goodes (@adamroy37) May 31, 2014

His parents separated when he was young, and he moved state to Victoria with his mother in his early teens, and they settled in another small country town.
Up until that stage, bayan escort ankara Goodes was a big fan of basketball star Michael Jordan, while his own talents were in soccer.
However, there were no teams in his new hometown — so his mum suggested having a go at AFL.
I was very athletic, so the running part of it was good, he says. Grabbing the ball was quite difficult because it could bounce everywhere, but I was able to pick that up pretty easily.
The main premise of AFL is simple: kick the oval-shaped ball between the two central posts to score maximum points; if it goes through the two outside posts, the score is lower.
It results in basketball-size scorelines, and with 18 players on each team — wearing sleeveless tops known as guernseys and notoriously short shorts — all kicking, passing, running, jumping and jostling at high intensity for two hours, it can be a confusing spectacle, as Goodes admits.

@MickOLoughlin: Great to catch up with my brother & NBA Champ @Patty_Mills today ! @sydneyswans #almostaswan pic.twitter.com/oyC42oFcjN— Adam Goodes (@adamroy37) July 17, 2014

Having had a long spell on the sidelines with injury last year, missing the clubs run to the preliminary final, Goodes says he is determined to extend his career for as long as possible.
I know I can still improve and I think that is what drives me, he says ahead of this weekends opening playoffs, where Sydney will take on Fremantle after finishing the regular season as the top team.
A lot of people would say Im past it, but I still believe I have a lot to offer.
When he finally hangs up his boots, Goodes aims to focus on the foundation he set up with OLoughlin, which provides school scholarships for Aboriginal children in Sydney.
Ive committed a lot of my time to my sport and theres going to be a big void for me to fill, he says. Itll be nice to have a bit more spare time for me.
Read: Deaths door to golden gladiator
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Next escort meeting ıce buy

Shoppers are panic-buying powerful vacuum cleaners to beat an EU ban that comes into force next week.Last night retailers reported escort that sales had soared by nearly 50 per cent as consumers snap up any remaining stock in the run-up to escort bayan the Brussels diktat outlawing machines of over 1,600 watts.Many stores and websites have already run out of the most powerful eskort models, with one reporting its busiest day for sales in more than a decade.Scroll down for video  bayan escort
Stampede: Shoppers are panic-buying powerful vacuum cleaners to beat an EU ban coming into force next week. Above, some of models that will be affected by the banThe buying frenzy looks set to intensify today and tomorrow, before the official ban on importing or manufacturing the machines takes effect on Monday.And Brussels is now considering measures to ban the most powerful hairdryers, lawn mowers and electric kettles, it was revealed. 
Now EU targets hairdryers and lawn mowers: Brussels set to introduce ban on devices to meet energy efficiency targets
A run on powerful vacuum cleaners? Sales rocket 44% as households scramble to buy best models before EU ban
Is it another vacuum cleaner? Dyson video teases mystery device thats taken 16 YEARS to develop
A list of up to 30 high-wattage household devices could be banned next spring following a draft EU report which examined ways to reduce power consumption.Consumer magazine Which? said the new rules on vacuum cleaners would outlaw some of the best machines, which owe their strong suction ability to their high power consumption.
A previous story on the Brussels ban, as reported in the Mail on August 23, 2014From September 1, companies will be prohibited from manufacturing or importing any vacuum cleaners above the 1,600-watt limit as part of a drive to reduce domestic electricity use.Tesco yesterday said it saw sales rocket by 44 per cent over the past two weeks as panicked customers rushed to get their hands on popular 2,000-watt models.The Cooperative Electrical shop reported a rise of 38 per cent, while at Currys some models of powerful vacuums were sold out.Online electrical retailer ao.com said sales were up 40 per cent last week compared with the same period last year and last Friday it had its best ever day for vacuum cleaner sales in the 14 years it has been trading.Tesco planning manager Louise Rix said: ‘The EU ban has been a much debated topic over the last few days – it’s certainly provoked a lot of interest amongst consumers and manufacturers.‘We’ve seen huge sales increases of vacuums and we expect the high demand to continue over the next two days before the ban comes into place.’ The ban from Monday on powerful vacuum cleaners has angered manufacturers, who say it will do nothing to make machines more environmentally friendly and will simply reduce efficiency in the home.Critics say cleaners satisfying the new rule may use less power but householders will have to use them for longer – so they are likely to use the same amount of electricity in the long run.For the first time, vacuum cleaners will have to carry ratings from A to G for energy use, cleaning performance on carpets and hard floors, and dust emissions.
Measures: The buying frenzy looks set to intensify today and tomorrow, before the official ban on importing or manufacturing powerful vacuum cleaners (left) takes effect on Monday. And Brussels is now considering measures to ban the most powerful hairdryers, lawn mowers (right, file picture) and electric kettles, it was revealedYesterday, there was evidence that consumers are stockpiling their favourite models to use in the decades to come.Chris Wesson, posted a photograph on Twitter of two 2,000-watt Panasonic vacuums which he said his mother had bought.He tweeted the comment: ‘Only my mum would stock up on powerful vacuum cleaners before this ban comes into effect. We now have five in our house…’But Leanne Beswick, of ao.com, said there was no need to panic buy – and that lower wattage does not necessarily equate to a poorer performing machine.‘We have seen a significant surge in sales of corded vacuums over 1600 watts over the weekend as the deadline for meeting new EU legislation looms on September 1,’ she said. ‘However, consumers need not panic buy.
Consumers are snapping up any remaining stock in the run-up to the diktat outlawing machines of over 1,600 watts. Above, the European Commissions headquarters‘Even though these particular models will eventually be off the market, this doesn’t mean that new and other existing models are any less effective – they are not. Although they may need to lose power to conform to the new regulations, they won’t lose performance.’ A Currys & PC World spokesperson said: We still have a good stocks of high powered vacuum cleaners at great prices. We will however be adding new products to our range with the best technology that adhere to the new energy and performance ruling.These new ranges are built with state of the art engineering with the same high standards to ensure customers reap the benefits without compromising quality. While the ban comes into place on Monday, retailers will still be able to sell their remaining stock after this date. We expect the high demand to continue over the next two days before the ban comes into place Louise Rix, Tesco Last week consumer watchdog Which? warned that many of the best models that appear in its Best Buy tables will be taken off the market as a result of the new EU rule.Of seven awarded ‘Best Buy’ status since January 2013, five have motors with a power of more than 1,600 watts, it said.The maximum wattage will be lowered further to 900 watts by 2017. Current cleaners have an average wattage of 1,800.Which? said: ‘If you’re in the market for a powerful vacuum, you should act quickly, before all of the models currently available sell out. A best buy 2,200-watt vac costs around £27 a year to run in electricity – only £8 more than the best-scoring 1,600-watt we’ve tested.’Marlene Holzner, the European Commission’s energy spokesman, said the amount of wattage does not automatically indicate how well a vacuum will perform.She added what counted was how efficiently a vacuum translated its electrical power into picking up dust, and this would be measured under the new rules.
Watch this guide on how to pick the best vacuum cleaner
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escort bayan and when allegations match-fixing

(CNN) — He rose from humble beginnings, worked his way through the local leagues before graduating to become a major escort bayan player on the international stage, netting him millions of dollars along the way.
But this isnt a tale about a footballing hero. This is a story about one of modern sports greatest villains — the man dubbed the most notorious match-fixer in the world.
You may not be familiar with the name Wilson Raj Perumal but given how prolific he was, you might have watched one of the games hes fixed.
I never really counted, but I think it should be between 80-100 football matches, Perumal told CNNs Don Riddell in his first-ever television interview.
Few doors seemed to be closed to Perumal.
I was on the bench at times, and telling players what to do, giving orders to the coach. It was that easy. There was no policing whatsoever.
Officials were just as easy to target, he boasts, with no barriers when approaching select referees, while certain football associations would welcome you with open arms, he added.
It was only after his arrest and subsequent conviction in 2011 — his fourth for football-related crimes – - that Perumal started coming clean on his former life, with the poacher-turned-gamekeeper now helping European police combat match-fixing.
Jerome Valcke: Match-fixing a disease
How does match fixing occur?
In all, Perumal claims to have pocketed around $5 million himself from match-fixing.
However, he lost it all gambling, perhaps explaining why the 49-year-old recently published an autobiography, Kelong Kings, recounting his journey from rural Singapore to footballs globetrotting Mr Fix-it.
I had my boyhood dreams. I wanted to be a soldier but during my school days I got a criminal record and couldnt really pursue what I wanted to. And then I got attracted to betting when I was about 19-20 years old, he said.
I kind of got hooked and I didnt want to lose … so I started fixing local matches, he says.
Perumal plied his trade in Singapores local football leagues in the late 1980s before joining what international crime-fighting organization INTERPOL recently described as the worlds most notorious match-fixing syndicate allegedly headed by Tan Seet Eng — better known as Dan Tan, who is now reportedly in detention in Singapore.
As the Internet age dawned in the mid-1990s, so Perumals match-fixing horizons expanded.
We could see all these matches around the world … I had the opportunity to target vulnerable countries … people who were prone to accept bribes, he said.
Football is no longer a sport. It is more like a business now. So I think were just trying to make money out of this business
Wilson Raj Perumal
So I registered a company and started e-mailing associations and building relationships.
Like two hands prepared to clap
The 49-year-olds first foray into international match-fixing — a 1997 friendly match between Zimbabwe and Bosnia Herzegovina — failed, he says.
Perumal alleges up to six players from the Zimbabwe team had agreed to lose the match 4-0 in return for a share of $100,000. But the game played in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia finished in a 2-2 draw.
We gave them a result that was difficult to accomplish and what happened during the game was that one player accidentally kicked the ball into the net.
A decade later, Perumal targeted Zimbabwe again in what became known as the Asiagate scandal with both players and officials receiving bribes to fix a string of matches between 2007 and 2009.
We were like two hands prepared to clap, Perumal says.
Former FIFA match-fixing investigator, Terry Steans was shocked when he was handed a FIFA case file on match-fixing in Zimbabwe in 2009.
Match-fixing suspect turns himself in
Eaton talks match fixing in January
Match-fixing scandal engulfs Europe
Arrests in soccer match-fixing probe
I read that file and thought: No. It cant be. It cant be this easy and it cant be this prevalent, Steans told CNN.
Five years later, I know yes it was and yes it is. But that file opened our eyes and it was to set FIFA Security, at that time, on a path to try and discover as much as we could about the fixers and how prevalent and widespread they were.
Zimbabwes game was destroyed by the fixing scandal, Steans says.
Dozens of players and officials were sanctioned, some receiving life bans while others were barred from playing for several years.
The Footballers Union of Zimbabwe has been critical of the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) investigation but Steans says ZIFA deserves credit for taking action.
They appointed an investigation committee and they took the investigation as far as they possibly could do.
CNN invited ZIFA to comment on match-fixing in the country but they hadnt responded by the time of publication.
Hat trick of jail terms
Perumal says he achieved around a 70-80% success rate and claims to have rigged games at the Olympics, World Cup qualifiers, the womens World Cup, the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the African Cup of Nations.
But his attempts to corrupt didnt always go undetected by the authorities, notably in Singapore where he was imprisoned three times for football-related offences.
In 1995, he was jailed for 12 months for trying to bribe a football player. Four years later he was imprisoned for 26 months for introducing a referee to a match-fixer and in 2000 he attacked a footballer with a hockey stick prior to a game — an offense he says he deeply regrets.
In 2011, the football authorities eventually caught up with Perumal again, this time in Finland where he was arrested and subsequently jailed for fixing matches in the Veikkausliiga, the countrys premier football division.
Perumal served one year of a two-year sentence before being extradited to Hungary where he has been helping police there with match-fixing investigations in the Balkans.
Steans was shocked when police showed him Perumals list of contacts.
Wilson is a bit of an enigma. But every piece of information that he gave out of Finland and Hungary that came our way was right
Terry Steans, former FIFA investigator
Perumal had 38 countries in one phone book contacts list — he had officials and players from those 38 countries, Steans told CNN.
If you then go to his laptop address book, there were over 50. FIFA has 209 associations … so we are talking a quarter of FIFA associations for one fixer, he added.
As we now know, he used most of these people and used them for his own ends and his syndicates ends and made a lot of money out of it.
He might have lost all his ill-gotten gains but Perumal looks back fondly on that period of his life.
I have no regrets. It was like, it was a phase of my life and I enjoyed it and I traveled around the world. I had a good time.
There are glimmers of remorse. Perumal says he feels sorry for fixing some matches but then says there are no regrets for others.
Football is no longer a sport. It is more like a business now. So I think were just trying to make money out of this business. People want to win and they will do anything just to get a result.
Pitch battle
FIFA says preserving the games integrity is a top priority and in 2011 announced it was giving INTERPOL €20 million ($26.5 million) to fight match-fixing.
We take any allegations of match manipulation very seriously and are looking into those, FIFAs media department told CNN via email.
Obviously we are aware of publications such as Kelong Kings. We do not further comment on our activities and we do not share investigative reports.
FIFA continues to work closely with law enforcement agencies as well as the respective public authorities and other sports organizations on a national regional and global level to tackle the issue of match manipulation.
But Perumal thinks they could be doing more.
FIFA has not come up with enough strategies or methods or publicity or marketing or whatever you can call it, to combat match-fixing, Perumal says.
FIFA are doing a lot of things to combat racism but I think match-fixing is more of a problem than racism. Im not saying FIFA shouldnt pump in so much money (to tackle racism) but what Im saying is that match-fixing is a more pressing issue.
We end up with a game that lacks integrity, with the games reputation in tatters and with fans not really knowing what theyre watching
Terry Steans, former FIFA investigator
Steans says Perumal has been value for money for investigators helping them understand how match-fixers operate.
Wilson is a bit of an enigma, he says. But you know what, every piece of information that he gave out of Finland and Hungary that came our way was right.
The former FIFA man is still fighting match fixing, working as a consultant for a sports corruption company.
But given the recent past, he fears for footballs future if match fixing continues to carry on virtually unchecked.
We end up with a game that lacks integrity, with the games reputation in tatters and with fans not really knowing what theyre watching, Steans says.
Will fans watch? Wed probably end up with something similar to Zimbabwe where fans walked away, sponsors walked away … You will end up with a game that means nothing. Just means nothing.
And when it means nothing, sponsors dont want it and fans dont want it either. So teams would be playing in empty stadiums. Itd be a desert.
Match-fixer denies story on Cameroon throwing World Cup game
Cricket hit by fresh match-fixing allegations over New Zealand players

Ruling by nakliyat open final

(CNN) — Rafael Nadals hopes of successfully defending his U.S. Open title have been dealt a serious blow after the nakliyat Spaniard revealed he has sustained a wrist injury during a practice session.
The world No. 2 says he will be out of competitive action for at least two-three weeks, ruling him out of the upcoming ATP Tour 1000 events in Toronto evden eve nakliyat and Cincinnati and possibly out of this seasons final grand slam tournament which starts on August 25.
Nadal won both Masters events last season before beating Novak Djokovic in the final at Flushing Meadows in New York.
In a statement released by organizers of Torontos Rogers Cup, Nadal expressed his dismay at missing out this year.
Im extremely disappointed that I am unable to defend my Rogers Cup title this year, said Nadal, who beat home favorite Milos Raonic in last years final.
Capturing iconic tennis photographs
How Novak and Petra conquered Wimbledon
Rafael Nadals triumphant comeback
I was looking forward to coming there and playing again in Toronto as I have always loved to play in Canada and had great results in the past at a very important event.
Unfortunately I injured myself yesterday (Tuesday) during practice and after checking with my doctors I will have to stay out of competition for at least two-three weeks. I am sorry to the tournament and to all of the fans.
The 28-year-old last missed the U.S. Open in 2012 when a knee injury forced him out of action for seven months in total.
Nadal has endured fluctuating fortunes on court this year winning four tournaments so far including the French Open in June.
His four-set win over Novak Djokovic clinched a ninth title at Roland Garros, but this was tempered by disappointments at Melbourne Park and Wimbledon.
At the Australian Open in January, Nadal injured his back in the warm up before the final and went onto to lose in four sets to Switzerlands Stanislas Wawrinka.
Normal service was resumed in Paris before Nadal exited early for the third year running at SW19.
After being dumped out in rounds two and one in 2012 and 2013 respectively, Nadal made it to the last 16 before succumbing to Australian teenager Nick Kyrgios.
Read more: Serena fighting fit after Wimbledon illness scare

Population escort and like statistics

See the full list of how World Cup teams stack up here.
(CNN) — Its all over now. Germany won the escort World Cup, which cant have surprised anyone who watched it demolish Brazil en route to the championship.
But according to CNNs calculations, Brazil should have taken home the trophy.
While Lionel Messi was battling Thomas Muller to be the tournaments top goal escort bayan scorer, while Tim Howard and Guillermo Ochoa were batting away shots on goal, while Roy Hodgson and Fabio Capello were stalking the sidelines, CNN was looking at the bigger picture.
We started with the FIFA world ranking for each team going into the World Cup, starting with Spain ranked number one, all the way down to Australia at 62.
Then we looked at how much each country was paying its manager.
Russia topped that table, paying Capello nearly $11.5 million a year, according to Nick Harris of Sporting Intelligence. England came a distant second, with Italy, Brazil and Switzerland rounding out the top five.
Soccer-mad Mexico came dead last, paying manager Miguel Herrera about $214,000.
Next we added in each countrys population size, since bigger countries have larger pools to draw potential soccer stars from. The United States was the biggest country to qualify, followed by Brazil, Nigeria, Russia and Japan. Bosnia-Herzegovina and Uruguay were the smallest, both with populations under 4 million.
Then we averaged the three measures — ranking, manager salary and population size — to come up with our own prediction for how each team would fare in the World Cup.
Our predicted winner: Brazil. It was the second-largest country in the tournament, ranked third in the world by FIFA, and with manager Luiz Felipe Scolaris $3.8 million salary putting him fourth.
It fared well enough in the group stages, but once things got serious, the hosts completely fell apart, conceding 10 goals in their last two matches and scoring only 1.
That left it in 4th place, three below where we predicted it should end up.
Germany, on the other hand, overperformed, but not by much.
We picked it to come second, and it came first, for a rating of 1.
Our statistics also tell us who the biggest over- and under-achievers of the tournament were.
Some are obvious. The numbers suggest Costa Rica should have come 27th overall, but it trounced the big boys in the Group of Death and came out 8th, by FIFAs official statistics.
Second-place Argentina also did far better than our predictions.
Yes, it was ranked fifth in the world going into the tournament, but it didnt shell out big money for a manager — Alejandro Sabella was the 22nd-best paid coach — and Argentina falls in the middle of the population table. Of course, having Messi be one member of that population makes a difference, even if the Hand of God didnt touch him in the final.
Spain, on the other hand, was a giant dud. Ranked third in the CNN table, it actually came 23rd.
Only one nation came out worse: England. Ranked 10th in the world, with the second-best paid manager and and the 11th-largest population, we think it should have come fifth. It came 26th.
Italy and Russia also suffered in our rankings, partly for paying their managers so handsomely. We say Italy should have come third, not 22nd, and Russia should have tied at sixth place with the United States.
Russia actually came 24th, while Team USA came 15th.
The numbers also show one remarkable coincidence. On paper, Belgium and Greece are almost identical.
Belgium was ranked 11th by FIFA. Greece was ranked 12th.
Both have populations of about 11 million people, and the two nations paid their managers exactly the same salary.
Both teams did better than we predicted.
We picked Greece to come 18th, but it managed 13th.
Belgium did even better, coming sixth, nine places higher than our calculations suggested.
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Read: Argentina vs. Germany: By the numbers
CNNs Patrick Sung, Manuela Lanza and John Sinnott contributed to this report.

His sun escort bayan escort bayan taken

African Voices is a weekly show that highlights Africas most engaging personalities, exploring the lives and passions of people who escort bayan rarely open themselves up to the camera. Follow the team on Twitter.
(CNN) — On the banks of river Nile, an old fisherman rests upon his rickety boat under the hot Khartoum sun. His gaze is strict, his chiseled features strong escort and commanding. Yet, as he slowly moves his scarred right arm to bring a cup of tea to his lips, his withered face softens into a gentle smile.
He seemed very strong, but welcoming, says Qusai Akoud as he recalls the moment he approached the Khartoum fisherman to ask for a photograph and a quick chat. He and his friends, they come fish here every morning and sell their fish in the fish market.
Last May, Akoud, a 27-year-old graphic designer from the Sudanese capital, set out to pay a tribute to the people living in his hometown through a series of artistic street portraits.
Legendary photographers remarkable career
Photography as an agent of change
Inspired by Brandon Stantons Humans of New York, a popular photo blog that was launched in 2010 featuring photographs of complete strangers in the American metropolis and has since been replicated around the world, Akoud trawled the neighborhoods of Khartoum and the banks of river Nile to capture the spirit of his city and the stories of the people living in it.
I wanted to tell the stories of the humans of Khartoum and let the world know about the lives of the people of Sudan, says Akoud, who aptly named his project Humans of Khartoum.
Read this: Global icons as youve never seen them before
From old fishermen at the bustling El Mawrada market and shisha-smoking men relaxing in the gardens of Tuti Island to women selling tea in downtown markets and young upwardly mobile professionals strolling near the University of Khartoum, Akouds project provides a captivating and heartfelt insight of life in and around the Sudanese capital.
The young photographer says it hasnt been difficult to get strangers to open up to him, but admits to often having trouble to persuading women to allow him to photograph them.
Old people always attract me. They have wonderful stories.
Qusai Akoud, Humans of Khartoum founder
People are open to their pictures being taken — its not as hard as it seemed in the beginning of the project — however, women refuse to have their photos taken due to cultural constraints.
Akoud says he is fascinated by every person he meets but has a particular interest in one specific group of people.
Old people always attract me, he says. They have wonderful stories.
Click through the gallery to read excerpts of Akouds blog that go with the photographs hes taken. You can see all images and stories in the Humans of Khartoum blog or Facebook page.
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Came high-profile need child porn everyone

Editors note: Leading Women connects you to extraordinary women of our time — remarkable professionals who have made it to child porn the top in all areas of business, the arts, sport, culture, science and more.
(CNN) — When Bobbi Brown introduced her eponymous lipstick line to Bergdorf Goodman back in 1991, she never expected all 10 pinky-brown shades to fly off the shelves in just one day.
At the top of Chinas gambling mecca
DVF: Fear is not an option
From stay-at-home mom to self-made billionaire
Since then, the trailblazing makeup mogul has built a billion-dollar empire by making women look and feel beautiful in a natural way.
Her cosmetics adorn the faces of VIPs such as Michelle Obama and Katie Holmes, as well as the Duchess of Cambridge, who wore the brand on her wedding day.
With stores in 68 countries today, the company has grown from a mail-order business in the early 90s to a staple in womens makeup bags from London to Beijing.
When I started the company, my mission was to make a lipstick that looked like lips, because most of the lipsticks on the market looked artificial, they were greasy and they smelled bad, Brown told CNNs Poppy Harlow.
I wanted to create something that looked natural, and that worked with a womans skin tone and her lip color, she adds.
Browns love affair with makeup started as she watched her mothers beauty rituals in their suburban Chicago home.
But her true entrepreneurial streak came from her Russian immigrant grandfather, who worked his way up to become a successful car dealer: I grew up watching Papa Sam in his dealership and I learned so much. He was an amazing role model, she says.
School was never the focus of Browns attention, and when she wanted to drop out of the University of Arizona after her first year, her mother asked her a question that would determine the course of her life: If you could spend the day doing whatever you wanted, what would you do?
Go to the mall and play with makeup, came the answer.
After earning a degree in theatrical makeup at Emerson College in Boston, Brown moved to New York City, showing her portfolio to anyone and everyone.
Living the life of a fledgling makeup artist, her talent and perseverance paid off. Soon she was working on high-profile magazine shoots, eventually landing a Vogue cover with Naomi Campbell — her first big break.
Ill never forget it, recalls Brown. It was Naomi Campbells first cover and the photographer was Patrick Demarchelier. It was shot on the beach early in the morning, and you never know if its a cover or not, but when I heard it was, I was beyond (excited), she says.
While her makeup artist career was burgeoning, Brown was frustrated by the lack of wearable, natural looking shades amid the fuchsia lipsticks and electric blue eye shadows which dominated the 1980s: Everything was artificial and fake. It just did not look right to me, she says.
When I started the company, my mission was to make a lipstick that looked like lips.
Bobbo Brown
A chance meeting with a Kiehls pharmacist during a fashion shoot led to the creation of her first lipstick, Brown Lip Color, in her signature chocolate-based tones. Four years later, the company she started with just $10,000 was beating cosmetics giant Estee Lauder in major department stores.
Brown soon got a call from Leonard Lauder, the scion of the makeup empire started by his mother Estee, offering to buy her company. She accepted, under the condition that she retained all creative control, and today it is estimated that Bobbi Brown products account for about 10% of all Estee Lauder sales.
You know, I think that women will always need their basics, Brown says, explaining how her business managed to weather the financial downturn of recent years.
They will always need their tried and tested things, they are not going to forgo makeup. Maybe theyll forgo the trendy things that come out every season, they dont need it. But most women still need what they need, she adds.
When it comes to her role in an industry which has been heavily criticized for making women feel self-conscious, Brown says: Everyone I know in the beauty industry, not just the people that work in my company, is really there to make products that make women look and feel better, they devote their lives to it. I think the biggest problem is that the Internet now shows everything. So if you are going to be an actress or a supermodel, you are unusually photogenic, you are unusually thin, that is not what all women are, she says.
Brown still beautifies the faces of models in all her advertising campaigns, but her business interests are not limited to cosmetics.
She has partnered with Safilo, a leading Italian eyewear brand, to design a range of glasses, and has recently been appointed as Editor-in-Chief of Yahoos new beauty section.
Read more: The dress that launched a $7 billion empire
Im trying to create a space that is empowering, thats teaching, thats fun, with a sense of humor, thats visually exciting and cool, she says, but mostly, a place that will give women real answers to not just beauty but lifestyle and empowerment, and everything it means to be a successful, happy woman. And I hope a man, too, I have things planned for men as well, Brown adds.
Bobbi Brown works her magic backstage at the Rachel Roy show during New York Fashion Week.Earl Gibson III/Getty Images
The entrepreneur has also channeled her energy into philanthropy, starting the Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women and Girls, where 100% of the purchase price of a limited edition product goes to programs helping disadvantaged women and girls around the world.
The company also sponsors Dress for Success, a global charity which offers unemployed women career advice and professional attire for job interviews.
Browns youthful face and eyes exude humor, and she fosters a homey atmosphere in her headquarters in New Yorks trendy SoHo. Large windows flood the pastel-colored space with sunlight, and there are regular yoga sessions.
I enjoy things that are not about my work. And whether its family vacations or trips, Im able to let go.
Bobbi Brown
There are dogs and kids that come in, and I love having this atmosphere, its who I am, she says.
The make-up mogul jokingly describes herself as a Type A personality — hardworking and efficient, yet able to unplug from the daily grind: I enjoy things that are not about my work, I enjoy my husband, my kids and nephews, my entourage, as I call them. And whether its family vacations or trips, Im able to let go, she says.
However, the 57-year-old is not ready to hang up her brushes any time soon. Im bad at golf and even worse at tennis, she quips, adding that she doesnt feel she has reached her pinnacle yet.
So many things happened in my career which were important moments, from my first Vogue cover to getting into Bergdorf Goodman and Harrods, and finally when Leonard Lauder called, but then things just continued to happen.
So, I havent made it yet, she concludes.
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On middle program economic escort bayan

Editors note: Arezo Yazd is an Iranian-American attorney based in New York City. She is the principal and founder of escort bayan ASY Ventures, a legal consulting company working mostly with tech start-up companies. The view expressed in this commentary are entirely her own.
(CNN) — As the situation in Iraq escalates, the U.S. finds itself awkwardly aligned with a country once vilified as part of the Axis of Evil. While Iraq loses control of its western border to ISIS rebels, the U.S. decides to pragmatically turn to its geopolitical interests to calm this disaster.
The unlikely result is Iran sending military weaponry and planes — including Russian combat jets — across the Iranian border to aid the Iraqi national army. This shift in alliance seemed implausible a few years ago, but since President Hassan Rouhani took office last year tensions between the U.S. and Iran have slowly and cautiously thawed. While Iraq plummets into further chaos and fragmentation — the Kurds are expected to vote for full autonomy in an impending referendum — improvement in U.S-Iran relations may be the only silver-lining in this otherwise catastrophic affair.
Arezo Yazd
Yet supporters of U.S.-Iran relations should not forget the importance of promoting relations through long-term economic ties, rather than one based on purely geopolitical military needs. In the past decade, war has raged on two of Irans borders, and seemingly both Iran and the U.S. shared common enemies in the Taliban and Saddam Hussein.
However, foreign policy alignments in the region did not result in sustained diplomatic ties. By easing sanctions and fostering economic growth in Iran, the U.S. can ultimately promote a sustainable relationship based on mutual needs and benefits. Now more than ever, the opportunity for just such a partnership exists in Irans budding technology market.
Currently, Iran has the highest total number of Internet users in the Middle East; almost half of Iranian households have some access to the internet. There are more Internet users in Iran than in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon and Qatar, combined. Interest among young Iranians in technology and entrepreneurship is rapidly increasing. Irans Center for E-commerce Development recently announced that nearly 70% of applicants for electronic retail licenses are younger than 30.
Rather than focusing on industries such as oil and gas, which ultimately trickles down profits to a few large companies closely aligned with the regime, promoting commercial development in the arena of tech entrepreneurship creates a high-skilled middle class. A thriving Iranian middle class will have an invested interest in maintaining close relations with the U.S.
Did U.S. leave vacuum for Iran, Syria?
ISIS is al Qaeda version 6.0
ISIS is al Qaeda version 6.0
On patrol with Baghdads special forces
The long-term benefits of commercial development in Irans tech sector are endless. Transparency and increased openness in civil society through advances in social media, internet infrastructure and access to information are just some of the added benefits of a robust tech industry.
Promoting tech over other industries in Iran also allows the U.S. to play an active role in a market that empowers women in business. Unlike many Western countries where women only account for 10% of the tech industry, women in the Middle East account for 35% of tech entrepreneurs.
This number is astonishing considering Western notions of the marginalization of women in the region. Women in the Middle East are increasingly finding it both convenient and conducive to start small businesses from the comfort of their homes, and, thanks to increased internet access, they are now able to tap into global markets.
The benefits of promoting the burgeoning tech industry in Iran have not gone unnoticed. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs plan to gather this September to discuss entrepreneurship in Iran, and, in the event that sanctions are lifted, the possibility of building bridges between entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and their Iranian counterparts. Irans very own TedX Tehran, scheduled to take place in Tehran later this year, is a result of enthusiasm surrounding technology and entrepreneurship.
Much of the eagerness surrounding Irans tech scene is based on the possibility of the U.S. changing its sanctions policy regarding Iran. Unlike his predecessor, Rouhani made headway on nuclear program negotiations with world powers earlier this year. Even making use of social media, Rouhani tweets a softer image of the Iranian presidency by posting pictures of himself in sweatpants watching World Cup games.
Most importantly, Rouhani debuted his presidency with a message of economic openness and a desire to reintegrate Iran back into the international community. Irans dismal human rights record still remains on the table, but the countrys open approach on economic issues may be human rights activists best chance to address political freedoms down the road.
Irans support of Prime Minister Nuri al Malikis government and majority-ruling Shiites in Iraq puts Iran in a position that is aligned with U.S.s geopolitical interests. What remains unclear is whether the current situation will give way to a stable partnership if the Iraq crisis is contained. The Iran-Contra affair in 1986 demonstrated that the U.S. could covertly set aside ideological differences for military advantage. However, as history has demonstrated, unlikely wartime bedfellows rarely equate to stable diplomatic policy. Indeed, if history has taught the U.S. anything, its that Iran is a resilient country with vast potential — potential that expands far beyond merely oil, gas and guns.
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Little a not say escort bayan

(CNN) — Hello BET. Was it Lionel Richie you were looking for?
The 2014 BET Awards aired Sunday, and the show escort bayan honored the legendary singer with the lifetime achievement award. The only problem was that Richies last name was spelled Ritchie escort bayan in the graphic, prompting the trending of #lionelritchie on Twitter and deliberate misspellings of his name.
But that moment was just escort bayan one of the hits and misses for the night.
HIT: Chris Browns performance
The star, recently released from jail, returned to the escort bayan stage to perform his song Loyal with a little help from rappers Lil Wayne and Tyga. His performance energized the crowd — and also sparked much discussion #BETAwards @GailBBMitchell— billboard (@billboard) June 30, 2014
HIT: Chris Rocks opening monologue
The comic hosted this years ceremony, and he killed.
Rock poked fun at everyone from the performers — of Chris Brown, he said the singer just signed a new deal — too bad its a plea deal — to celebs in the audience, and even got topical with the controversy over racial remarks made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.
What exactly did he say? Rock asked. What exactly did Donald Sterling say? I dont want my woman around black basketball players. Me neither!
MISS: Nicki Minajs acceptance speech
The rapper and former American Idol judge won the best female hip-hop artist award and gave a speech that left many scratching their heads.
After declaring I dont look at myself as a female rapper cause I know what I do, she went on to offer that When you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it, which some took to be a diss directed at new rapper Iggy Azalea. (Although Minaj quickly added No shade, meaning she was not directing her remarks at anyone.)
Minaj then went on to describe her recent — sort of — near brush with death.
I just want to say that the other day, literally, I didnt tell anybody this, I really thought I was about to die, Minaj said. Like, I was saying my prayers to die. And I didnt even want to call an ambulance because I thought, Well, if I call the ambulance, its gonna be on TMZ. And I would rather sit there and die. And it made me realize — I dont care anymore what anybody gotta say.
It may take us until the 2015 BET Awards to sort that one out.

escort leading she matapan

As bombs fell on London and the Wehrmacht rampaged across France, a young woman named Valerie Glassborow was among the escort civilians working around the clock at Bletchley Park, feeding false trails to German High Command as D-Day approached.70 years on, bayan eskort Miss Glassborows granddaughter, the Duchess of Cambridge, was back at Bletchley to see the results of a year-long £8m restoration escort bayan programme and meet one of her grandmothers former colleagues.Lady Marion Body, who worked with Miss Glassborow and her twin sister escort kızlar Mary in Hut 16, was part of the team of crack codebreakers who unlocked the secrets of the German Enigma machine – ultimately helping to win the war for Britain.
Thats how its done! Clarence House tweeted this photo of the Duchess of Cambridge learning how to use Morse Code during her visit to Bletchley Park
Chats: The Duchess of Cambridge talks with Bletchley veteran Lady Marion Body, who knew her grandmother, during a visit to Bletchley Park to mark the completion of a year-long restoration project
Enjoying the day: The Duchess of Cambridge enjoys a joke with a local police officer as she arrives to reopen Bletchley Park where her grandmother once worked
The Duchess herself was on typically fashionable form, elegant in a navy skirt by Alexander McQueen teamed with a neat white blouse by the same label and navy court shoes, as she toured the newly renovated buildings with Lady Body and was given a potted history of Bletchley Park – the birthplace of GCHQ.During her tour, she was also shown a vintage Morse Code machine and gleefully set about learning how to use it, before being taken to see the new visitor centre which occupies what was once Block C.
A family day out at the races! The Queen is elegant in blue as she arrives at Royal Ascot with Charles, Camilla, Harry and Zara
Under starters orders! Runners and riders in bright frocks and outrageous hats descend as Royal Ascot gets underway
A new royal baby… but this one belongs to Luxembourg! Prince Felix and Princess Claire introduce the world to their tiny daughter Princess Amalia
Will one be a winner? The Queen is lovely in powder pink as she arrives to watch her horses compete at Royal Ascot
Obama, Putin meet; 1st time since Ukraine crisis
Many of those who employed there were women like Miss Glassborow – ordinary middle-class ladies whose work, kept secret for almost half a century, helped to change the course of the war.
Women played a variety of roles from lowly clerks to operating machines and breaking into ciphers and codes – the highest level of work you could do at Bletchley Park, explains author and historian Michael Smith.Among the women working at the highest level was Mavis Batey, a Londoner who arrived at Bletchley Park aged just 19 years old, and who died last November at the age of 92.
She was one of the top codebreakers at Bletchley, adds Smith. Shes frequently described as one of the leading female codebreakers but I dont think thats fair – she was one of the leading codebreakers full stop.
good: The Duchess of Cambridge arrives at Bletchley Park in a neat
Alexander McQueen pencil skirt and a chic sailor-inspired blouse, last
worn in 2011
Pleased to meet you: The Duchess meets members of the Bletchley Park Trust as she arrives in Milton Keynes to reopen the house which has had an £8m makeover
Valerie Glassborow (pictured centre right at her 1946 wedding to Peter
Middleton) is the Duchess of Cambridges grandmother and worked at
Bletchley Park
Meeting: The Duchess also met Lady Marion Body who worked with Valerie Glassborow and her twin sister Mary in the famous Hut 16 at Bletchley Park
Duty calls: finish off your polished look with a sleek pencil skirt like Catherine
Alexander McQueen blouse and skirt
We've seen this before!
The Duchess of Cambridge is the Queen of wardrobe recycling. Here the glossy haired one has stepped out in this navy-inspired skirt and blouse combo by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen which we first saw her wear during a tour of Birmingham in August 2011.
Catherine's latest outfit repeat has a heavy military-esque theme that fits into her regimented sleek and sophisticated style expertly. The crisp white blouse is given nautical accents with gold button details that find their way onto the coordinated navy pencil skirt too.
No longer just for the 9-5, the figure-sculpting pencil skirt is an A-line classic that will always lend your look the most streamlined of finishes.
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Working closely with Alfred Dillwyn Dilly Knox, at the time one of the worlds top experts in ciphers, she was instrumental in unearthing the intelligence that helped Britain to a spectacular naval victory over the Italians at Matapan.
But her greatest triumph came in December 1941 when she deciphered a message sent from Belgrade to Berlin that allowed Knox and his team to decrypt the output of the Abwehr [German secret service] Enigma machine.
Thanks to Batey and Knox, British intelligence was able to monitor Abwehr activities and even plant false information – something that would later prove critical to the success of D-Day.
It could even, as Smith points out, have helped prevent nuclear war in Europe. The key thing in all of this is that [decrypting Enigma] allowed D-Day to go ahead, he reveals.
Without them, it [D-Day] might well have been put back two years. Bear in mind, this was at a time when the UK and USA were developing the atomic bomb which was later used on Japan. Its not at all clear they wouldnt have used it on Germany if they thought it necessary.
Despite the heroic efforts of Miss Glassborow, Ms Batey and fellow code breakers such as Rozanne Colchester and Gwendoline Page, the work of female code breakers wasnt always given the recognition it deserved at the time.

Restoration: Bletchley Park has undergone an £8m makeover which took a year to complete
The tour: The Duchess is shown around the complex where her grandmother once worked
Meet and greet: The Duchess chats to well-wishers as she arrives at Bletchley Park
Looking good: The Duchess, who was given a tour of the renovated Bletchley Park Museum, accessorised her Alexander McQueen with a pair of sapphire drop earrings
Thrilled: The Duchess was met by a group of officials from the Bletchley Park Trust and Milton Keynes Council who worked together on the restoration
Contribution: The Duchess paternal grandmother Valerie Glassborow was one of the 9,000 women who worked at Bletchley Park during the Second World War
Although there was what Smith describes as a collegiate atmosphere and women were free to challenge their male colleagues as they saw fit, they were paid a third less than the men and after the war ended, many melted back into ordinary life.
Indeed, of the 9,000 people who worked at Bletchley Park during World War II, just 600 women went on to join the fledgling GCHQ or other branches of the secret services.Unless they went on into GCHQ, most of the women went back into ordinary life, explains Smith. It became a brief thing that didnt reflect their ordinary lives. It meant most of them had more life experience, cultural interests and so on than they might have done. In the 1940s and 50s, ordinary life meant getting married, having children but never again having the sort of life they had at Bletchley.Among those to leave the service for a life of domesticity was Miss Glassborow who married Peter Francis Middleton in 1946 in the village of Adel in Yorkshire and went on to have four sons, Michael, Richard, Simon and Nicholas in quick succession.Michael, the eldest, is the father of the Duchess of Cambridge and is known to have been close to his mother who died in 2006, without ever speaking publicly of her wartime service.Today, after more than 70 years, the incredible wartime work done by Valerie and Mary Glassborow, and others like them, is finally getting the recognition it deserves.
Stylish: The ever stylish Duchess of Cambridge was on typically fashionable form but almost fell foul of a gust of wind which played havoc with her long loose locks
THE MAGNIFICENT MANOR THAT WAS ONCE BRITAINS BEST KEPT SECRET: INSIDE BLETCHLEY PARKUntil relatively recently, the work of the men and women who worked at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire was a well-kept secret. But thanks to the declassification of wartime documents, the exploits of the code breakers – and the magnificent contribution they made – have finally been made public.
The story of Bletchley Park began 76 years ago in late 1938 when a group of MI6 operatives decamped to the house for a shooting party. Among them were men from an organisation called the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) whose job it was to assess the Georgian buildings suitability for becoming the headquarters of a secret group of top level code breakers.
It was deemed ideal and by September 1939, GC&CS, the forerunner of GCHQ – still in charge of codebreaking and signals intelligence – returned to start their work in earnest.
By the end of 1940, 12,000 people worked at Bletchley and its sub-camps, whether as cooks and support staff or as code breakers decrypting the military codes and ciphers that secured German, Japanese, and other Axis nations communications.
Others operated the incredibly sophisticated machines that were the forerunners of modern computers, including the Turing/Welchman Bombe, and the groundbreaking Colossus machine.
By the end of the war, GC&CS code breaking expertise had become a key part of intelligence operations and had helped bring World War II to a close.
But post-war, the magnificent 17th century Bletchley Park mansion and the assorted outbuildings were deemed surplus to requirements, with intelligence operations moved to Cheltenham.
Abandoned by GCHQ, the house and gardens passed through several owners, including BT, but by the 1990s, was practically derelict and at risk of demolition.
Happily, help was at hand and the site was declared a conservation area by Milton Keynes council in 1992 before being taken over by the Bletchley Park Trust.Now a museum dedicated to the exploits of the men and women who helped break the Enigma code, Bletchley Park has undergone an £8m renovation aimed at preserving the huts where so many worked so hard to save the UK and its allies during World War II.
Advanced: Among the achievements of those working at Bletchley Park was creating one of the worlds earliest computers which was used to decode Nazi messages
Important work: It was at Bletchley Park in 1944 that the German Enigma code was finally cracked – paving the way for D-Day and victory for Britain and its allies

escort bayan spending that budgets data

Editors note: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the president of Liberia and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. The opinions expressed in escort bayan this commentary are solely hers.
(CNN) — What factor has the power to transform individual lives, communities, nations and the world?
The escort answer to this complex question is a simple one: education. While it is widely accepted that there is no one bayan escort solution to lift the millions across our globe out of poverty, it is also equally accepted that a key cornerstone bayan escort ankara of addressing some of the worlds most pressing challenges is through providing a quality education to all children, especially girls.
Despite increasing numbers attending school in recent years, 126 million children remain out of primary school and lower secondary school around the world. Some 65 million of these children are girls.

Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The highest rate of girls not in school is across the African continent, where in sub-Saharan Africa nearly four out of five poor rural girls are not completing primary school. There are an estimated 250 million children worldwide of primary school age who cant read, write or do basic math — more than half of whom have completed four years of schooling.
It is unacceptable that in 2014 — less than a year away from the deadline the international community agreed to get all children into school — that 30 million girls in Africa are denied their basic human right to a quality education. Ensuring that every child goes to school, stays in school and learns something of value while there will require firm commitments and action by governments to invest in education and prioritize the education of its girls.
Africas economy has grown at more than 5% annually over the past decade — some of the highest economic growth in the world — leading many to use the phrase of Africa Rising when describing its countries. However, a countrys economic growth does not always lead to development or improvement for its poorest citizens. To truly rise as a nation by building an equitable, sustainable and peaceful society, governments must ensure that spending on education is prioritized and used well.

Some countries lose more than $1 billion a year by failing to educate girls to the same level as boys.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian President

According to recent research, the estimated economic gain from achieving universal primary education exceeds the estimated increase in public spending required to achieve it. One extra year of schooling can increase an individuals earnings by 10%. Girls who complete a primary education are likely to increase their earnings by 5 to 15% over their lifetimes.
Each additional year of schooling could raise average annual gross domestic product growth by 0.37%. If all women had a primary education, child marriages and child mortality could fall by a sixth, and maternal deaths by two-thirds. Investing in girls education could boost sub-Saharan Africas agricultural output by up to 25%.
Some countries lose more than $1 billion a year by failing to educate girls to the same level as boys. Without education, how can a countrys future citizens take part in growing their economy and reap benefits? Without education how can a country grow?
More from African Voices
It is however, not good enough to only increase the number of children receiving education. Children and young people must learn basic knowledge, skills and competencies, such as reading, writing, critical thinking, problem solving and math, that are needed to live healthy, safe and productive lives.
In Liberia, across the African continent and, indeed, around the world, it is becoming increasingly apparent that going to school is not the same as learning. This is of grave concern given that many of the social and economic returns from an education are found to come from learning outcomes rather than number of years in school.
To accomplish this, more financial resources that are better spent are needed to build a strong education system capable of improving both access and learning for all. But making informed decisions about those resources requires good data.
Information on teachers, how to best support them to do their jobs, and information on how students are learning are crucial for knowing what policies and programs will be effective. By using our resources more effectively and focusing them on those children that are currently left behind, we can have some of the best educated citizens in the world — citizens who will be responsible for building a peaceful and prosperous future.

By not investing in girls education, we are telling our women that we do not care.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian President

At current rates, the poorest girls in sub-Saharan Africa will only achieve universal primary completion in 2086. To not invest in and prioritize girls education, we as African leaders are telling our women that we do not care about you and your childs future. As one of those women, I will not accept this and I urge all our leaders to invest in our childrens future. Investing in girls education is not only a moral imperative, it is a smart investment.
On the 16th of June, the Day of the African Child, young people from across Africa will stand at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Abba, Ethiopia, and across Africa, to call on their governments to dedicate more resources — the recommended 20% of national budgets — to education and develop strong and transparent monitoring systems to track effectiveness and impact.
Better information on learning outcomes and public spending is key to achieving our goals. These young people want a brighter reality and they demand that their governments stand up to meet their responsibilities and commitments, in order to build a future for their children, a future for their country.
When nearly 60 developing countries come together in Brussels at the end of June, as part of the Global Partnership for Education, they will be asked to commit to increase education spending. If they do, we will know if they have listened to these young people, and then the phrase, Africa Rising, can be used in all truthfulness.
Plan Internationals Because I Am A Girl campaign announces its #10DaysToAct initiative, beginning on June 16 at the African Union meeting in Addis Ababa.
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The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.